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SB Forestry Ltd
Nisula Forest Oy and SB Forestry Ltd have signed a dealership agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, SB Forestry will sell Nisula Forest products and parts and offer customer service in United Kingdom for Nisula Forest products. ”We are very excited about our new cooperation with SB Forestry! Scott Burton and his team have a...
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Eco Log Harvester Heads
Today, we at Eco Log proudly present our very own series of harvester heads. An exciting and important step that makes Eco Log a complete Forest Machine Manufacturer, offering machines and solutions for profitable and productive forestry world-wide. Eco Log now broadens its range by welcoming its very own series of harvester heads, consisting of...
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In the spring, the merger between Eco Log and Gremo was announced. Now SP Maskiner AB is also joining the joint group and for Eco Log it is an important part of the company’s long-term plan. Over the past two years, Eco Log has followed a clear growth strategy and Anders Gustafson, CEO of Eco...
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With a loading capacity of 16 tonnes, Eco Log 584F enters the Stage as the sixth forwarder model in the Eco Log range.  This makes the newcomer the second largest forwarder in the Machine Line-up as it complements the existing models in the larger segment, 574F and 594F.  – Since the launch of our F-series...
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On April 17th, we were happy to announce the upcoming merger of Eco Log and Gremo. Now, not more than three weeks later, the planning and preparations for future production have already begun and the very first Gremo machine is in place in the Eco Log factory in Söderhamn. Since the information of the Merger...
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Eco Log and Gremo are now planning for a common future as a strong and comprehensive operator in the forest machine business. A first step has been taken as an Intent of Merger has been signed to move the production of Gremo machines to the Eco Log Factory in Söderhamn – a move that is...
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Gremo wanted to manufacture a harvester totally focussed on thinnings. Apart from the small clearfell, windblown, or diseased areas, Sweden, Nordic, and other European countries work on a continuous-cover harvesting system which is continually thinned. When they decided to embark on this new project, their aim was to produce an efficient, manoeuvrable and low-impact, thinning...
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Gremo History Gremo’s history dates back to the early sixties, when a Danish entrepreneur founded the company at Fredrikshamn, Denmark. The company’s name originated from the combination of the names of his wife (Grete) and his little brother (Mogens). Originally, the manufacturing comprised dumper carts and forest trailers for tractors. With the aim to further...
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