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Eco Log 1058H5

A low-impact harvester for efficient forestry

Harvester 1058H5




The Eco Log 1058H5 eight-wheeled harvester works with great efficiency and profitability even in sensitive and soft terrain. This light machine really stands out with its low fuel consumption, great stability, and comfortable operator environment.

Add the optional active bogie function for a machine with superb off-road handling and high traction that easily makes its way forward – even on steep slopes. The Eco Log 1058H5 is a flexible harvester for low-impact and productive forestry whatever the circumstances:

  • Noise levels in the harvester cab are extremely low
  • Excellent visibility of the entire work area due to tall windows and a narrow cab.
  • Can easily operate in either direction by rotating the seat.
  • Thanks to its low center of gravity, this harvester can work with great stability at all times. The bogie lift further increases stability when the bogie is locked while maneuvering the crane, loading logs, or safely traversing soft and sensitive ground with minimal impact.  
  • The bogie lift for both body and engine sections offers a flexible machine with minimized  turning radius.
  • The active bogie option, provides the harvester with unbeatable mobility in steep terrain.

Eco Log 1058H5 was previously part of the Gremo product range.

  Standard weight, kg (lbs) 15940 (628) with A-boggie
  Height (A), mm (in) 3513 (138)
  Length (B), mm (in) 4258 (168)
  Length (C), mm (in) 7815 (308)
  Length (D), mm (in) 11945 (470)
  Ground clearance (E), mm (in) 577 (23)
  th (F), wheels 710, mm (in) 2860 (113)
  Type Cummins B6,7 200 6-cylinder
  Fulfils emission requirements of stage V
  Power at 2200 rpm, kW (hp) 149 (200)
  Torque, Nm (lbf-ft) 990/1300 (730/959)
  Capacity, fuel tank, l (US gal) 345 (91)
  Type Hydrostatic-mechanical
  Tractive force, kN (lbf) 140 (31473)
  Maximum speed, km/h (mph) low gear 8,3 (5,2)
  Maximum speed, km/h (mph) high gear 20 (12,4)
  Crane/head pump, cm³ (cu in) 175 (10,7)
  Flow at 1600 rpm, l/min (US gal/m) 216-280 (57-74)
  Working pressure, bar (PSI) 240 (3481)
  Capacity hydraulic tank, l (US gal) 240 (63)
  Standard 710/40×22,5
  Crane Mesera 221H  
  Lifting torque, gross, kNm (lb-ft) 188 (138662)
  Reach, m (feet) 10 (33)
  Torque, gross, kNm (lb-ft) 43,6 (32157)
  Steering angle, ° 43
  Electrical system  
  Voltage, V 24
  Alternator, A 110
  Battery capacity, Ah 2 x 100
  Bucking system  
  Name Dasa Forester
  Work lights 18
  Type LED
  Harvesting head  
  SP 461LF, root pruning 53 c  



Product Folder Eco Log 1058H5


Previous Generations (Gremo)

Product Folder Gremo 1058H

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