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Eco Log 550 T-Pro

The Thinning Pro





The new Eco Log 550 T-PRO complements our range with its size and strength. Slim lined, smooth and designed for the highest productivity, this is an invaluable asset for your thinning work. In other words, this is your new best friend in the forest.

  • Optimized for primary thinning work
  • 350° reversible cab
  • Powerful crane – 220 kNm
  • Six wheels and pendulum arms for easy use in difficult terrains
  • Dasa Forester adaption system
  • Harvester Head – Log Max 3000T or 4000T

With its six wheels, the 550 T-Pro can easily travel over the toughest of terrains. The machine’s sturdy mid-section in combination with pendulum arms means that you can easily move the machine with an extended crane without having to retract it. This can lead to valuable time saving and increased productivity.

Volvo Penta engine that is is specifically designed for high performance, reliability and fuel efficiency. The well-known combination of swivel cab and pendulum arms makes the harvester very flexible and well suited to thinning work. 


  Length, max (a), mm (in) 7402 (291)
  Height, min/max (b), mm (in) 3338-4464 (131-176)
  Ground clearance (d), mm (in) 146 -1191 (6-47)
  Weight, kg (lbs) 19100 (42108)
  Engine, Volvo Penta  
  Type 6 cyl. D8 – 7.7 l
  Stage/Tier stage V/Tier 4F
  Gross power @ 2200 rpm, kW/hp 160/218
  Torque, Nm  1060
  Fuel tank volume, L (gal US) 460 (122)
  Hydrostatic 6 wd, 3 gears
  Tractive force, max, kN (lbf) 172 (38667)
  Speed off-road/Speed on-road, km/h (mph) 0-7/0-15 (0-4/0-9)
  Front, standard 600/55×26,5
  Front, option 710/45×26,5
  Rear, standard 600/65×34
  Rear, option 710/55×34
  Width, standard/option (c), mm (in) 2790/2999 (110/118)
  Steering angle, ˚ ±44
  Tilt angle front to back, ˚ ±17
  Tilt angle side to side, ˚ ±25,5
  Reach, m (ft) 10-11,5 (33-38)
  Gross lifting torque, kNm (lb-ft) 220 (162264)
  Gross slewing torque standard/option, kNm (lb-ft) 38 (28027)
  Slewing angle, ˚ 350
  Hydraulic System  
  Crane pump, cc (cu in) 140 (8,5)
  Oil flow @ 1600 rpm for crane, l/min (gal US/min) 275 (73)
  Head Pump, cc (cu in) 145 (8,8)
  Oil flow @ 1600 rpm for harvester head, l/min (gal US/min) 285 (75)
  Working pressure, MPa 25
  Hydraulic tank volume, L (gal US) 232 (61)
  Electrical System  
  Voltage, V 24
  Batteries, Ah 2×145
  Alternator, A 130
  Number of lights 20
  Type LED
  Harvester Head  
  Log Max 3000T/4000T

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