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Eco Log 584F

Loads up to 16 tonne

Forwarder 584F




The Eco Log 584F belongs to the new range of F-forwarders developed for high comfort and easy servicing for an efficient forestry:

  • Loading capacity of 16 tonnes.
  • The driveline of the machine has a powerful bogie customized for the high traction and load capacity that distinguishes Eco Log 584F from other forwarders of the same size. 
  • A standard pump displacement of 175 cubic centimetres (cc) or optional 210-cc pump (10,7 cubic inches or optional 12,8 cu. in.) enables the unit to be used with a wide choice of cranes. High oil flow makes it possible to perform simultaneous movements, increasing capacity as well as flexibility.  
  • The grill swings open for easy access and cleaning.
  • The hood is opened with electric actuators – to facilitate service.
  • The large-dimensioned fenders house easy-to-access batteries, as well as the tool box.
  • The urea tank has been placed together with the central lubrication unit, fuel and hydraulic tank to facilitate easy access and re-filling.
  • The machines are equipped with new radiators optimized for Stage V. 

In Eco Logs F-series all the best qualities from earlier generations has been preserved, developed and strengthened through even higher serviceability, driver comfort and new design with an updated color scheme.

The machines are equipped with stage V engines from Volvo Penta, which are characterized by high reliability, efficient performance, quick response and environment friendliness.


  Loading capacity, kg 16 000
  Weight, kg 21 000
  Width (A), mm 2 910**
  Height (B), mm 3840
  Length (C), mm 10625(11225)****
  Ground clearance (D), mm 650
  Length loading bay(E), mm(in) 5010(5610)****
  Approach angle, ° 40
  Engine, Volvo Penta  
  Type 6 cyl. D8 – 7.7 l
  Stage Stage V/Tier 4F/Stage III*
  Power, hp 210(286)
  Torque, Nm 1237(912)
  Capacity, Fuel tank, l (gal US) 195 (52)
  Type Hydrostatic mechanical
  Tractive effort, kN 225
  Speed, km/h low gear 8.5
  Speed, km/h high gear 20
  Pump, cc 175 (opt. 210)
  Pressure, bar 235
  Hydraulic tank, l 180
  Standard 710/45-26.5’’
  Option 800/40-26.5’’
  Lifting force, kNm(lb-ft)/ reach alternatives, m(ft) (Cranab, FC13) —–
  Lifting force, kNm (lb-ft)/ reach alternatives, m(ft)(Epsilon S110F) —–
  Lifting force, kNm (lb-ft)/ reach alternatives, m(ft)(Cranab FC16) 165(121698) / 8.5(28), 10(33)
  Lifting force, kNm (lb-ft)/ reach alternatives, m(ft)(Epsilon X120F105) 159(117272) / 10.5(34)
  Lifting force, kNm (lb-ft)/ reach alternatives, m(ft)(Epsilon X140F105) —–

  *Only in market areas outside the EU, USA & Canada

  **With standard wheels

  ***Dependent on length of rear frame

  ****Maximum length with frame extension



Eco Log 584F


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