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Pfanzelt S160 geared cable winch

Affordable geared cable winch

S160 Geared winch

The Pfanzelt S160 S-Line geared cable winch is for larger tractors and users who need more pulling power. The powerful middle class of the S-line cable winch program.

  • Winch unit and blade
  • Transmission
  • Lowest loss of traction
  • PPS controller
  • Cable distribution / infeed brake including pressure roller
  • Rope ejection (option)
  • Automated PTB drum overrun brake (option)
  • Load lowering valve (option)
  • Storage space
  • Standard radio control
  • Active operator protection (standard)
  • Front Mounting (option)

Winch unitWinch unit and blade S160

The alignment of the rope drum in the direction of pull enables easy rope pull-out and low rope wear, since the rope is not spooled and wound over several rope pulleys in different directions. According to the KWF test, Pfanzelt geared cable winches have the lowest power requirement when pulling out. In addition, the winch is attached to the tractor with a particularly favorable center of gravity.



Pfanzelt S-line geared cable winches have a particularly stable shield made of high-strength fine-grain steel, which is manufactured as a torsion-resistant torsion box. Due to the wedge shape, lateral tensile forces can also be absorbed safely, stably and durably. Parking supports that can be operated from the side ensure that the cable winch can be conveniently attached and removed from the tractor and prevents accidents.

Pfanzelt winch transmission S160The winch is driven by the tractor PTO at a speed of 540, 750 or 1000 rpm. The drive power is transmitted from the cardan shaft to the precision worm gear in an oil bath via a spur gear. This ensures very smooth operation and long-term operational reliability.

Multi-disc sintered plate packs are used for the exact control of the braking and clutch processes and the safe overlap. The complete system is installed inside and protected.

Pfanzelt winch transmission S160

Lowest loss of tractionThe use of a rope drum with a large drum core diameter guarantees a very low loss of tensile force from the lower to the upper rope layer. According to an independent test by the KWF, the S-line cable winch has a maximum drop in pulling force of 21% for the standard cable length. The low cable entry height enables easy and comfortable work without a pulley.

Pfanzelt PPS controllerWith the Pfanzelt PPS precision control, which is unique on the market, the cable winch can be adapted to the respective skidding situation. The operator can quickly and easily adjust the overlap between clutch and brake by preselecting. This offers maximum ease of use and maximum safety at work.

Cable distribution 1Always a tight rope when pulling in, even if the trunk slips or the rope is pulled up loosely – this is made possible by the Pfanzelt rope inlet brake. A cylinder presses the rope onto the brake block when it is pulled in with a brake roller. The force of the cylinder is so dimensioned that the rope is only pressed onto the block when it is not under load. When pulling out the brake opens completely.

The spring-loaded pressure roller is recommended for long rope lengths. This also helps to distribute the rope optimally over the entire width of the rope drum. If you choose the option of cable distribution including an infeed brake, this is part of the standard equipment.

Cable distribution 2

Pfanzelt Rope ejectionThe Pfanzelt rope outlet was developed to increase the ease of use. The unwinding device built into the swivel arm of the cable distribution is mechanically driven and hydraulically switched. The rope is pressed firmly to the rope pulley over a large radius via several flexibly suspended pressure rollers. Due to the large contact area, functionality is ensured despite contamination or rope damage.

If a tensioned rope is loosened, this often creates a mess on the drum. The new PTB drum overrun brake automatically brakes the drum in such cases, thus ensuring that the rope is properly wound. An easy and unproblematic pulling out of the rope is guaranteed. 

Pfanzelt load lowering valvePfanzelt S-line geared cable winches can be equipped with a load lowering valve. This enables a tensioned rope to be relieved and lowered in a controlled manner. This is essential in the case of security breaches. To avoid malfunctions, the cable winch works with a separate oil circuit with a filter unit, which is fed by a piston pump and controls all hydraulic functions.

Storage spaceSpecially adapted holders for chainsaws and fuel canisters and, depending on the model, two additional storage compartments ensure sufficient storage space for work in the forest.

Pfanzelt standard radio control S160

The S-line cable winches are equipped with radio control for safe, comfortable and stock-friendly work. The operator is not in the danger zone and can recognize obstacles.

The security
update The new radio control decouples pulling and releasing. The drag command is now activated via a pushbutton.

All functions at a glance

  • Drag (via pushbutton)
  • Release, short release (via rocker arm)
  • stepless motor speed adjustment
  • Emergency stop switch
  • PPS NEW switchover via radio

Active operator protection S160The TUTUM anti-crushing protection prevents hand crushing and injuries from rope damage. This protective mechanism is only standard at Pfanzelt.

Front mounting S160Instead of the standard spur gear, this can optionally also be supplied as a spur gear with a second PTO stub with reversal of the direction of rotation for attaching the cable winch in the front.


  Now put together individually  
  Tensile force lower rope layer   60kn
  Tensile force upper rope layer   47kn
  Standard rope length
  (high-density forest rope with sliding hook)
  Ø 11 mm x 70 m
  Professional forest radio system   Radio system with toggle switch, push button and emergency stop
  Pfanzelt precision control PPS   Yes
  Blade width (standard)   1,500 mm
  Weight (without rope)   approx. 490 kg
  Accessories program  
  Cable distribution / infeed brake including pressure roller   Optional
  Long rope package
  (including rope distribution with rope inlet brake and pressure roller)
  Ø 11 mm x 100 m
  Rope ejection   Optional
  PTB – automatic drum overrun brake   Optional
  Load lowering valve via hand wheel   Optional
  Pressure roller   Optional
  Reverse gear for front mounting   Optional
  Sign width 18,00 mm   Optional
  Sign width, 2,000 mm   Optional
  Sign width 2,200 mm   Optional
  Rope recovery winch   Optional
  Anti-tip system (AKS 2515 Mini_P)   Optional


Pfanzelt S160 S-line winch test report

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Testing the Pfanzelt S160 S-line winch – with Ort forestry training centre and landwirt.com